Key Personnel

Richard Alexander, broadcaster for over 15 years, has been involved in so many roles and on a huge variety of productions within film & tv he has now managed to acquire the skill-set needed for him to finally manoeuvre himself into the position of truly independent film-maker: the job he has coveted for over 20 years since he graduated from his honours degree in media & comms in the mid-90s. Alexander found himself becoming known as a presenter/actor on tv, so a few years ago it was decided that a change of direction was desired.

He now self-commissions documentaries and takes great enjoyment from watching a story grow on camera over a period of years. Even more rewarding is the fact that he is not a part of the huge-hype machine that produces 'manufactured reality', sadly the stuff that is passed off as documentary by the majority of TV channels at the moment. He sees the presence of online aggregators of independent film such as Netflix & Amazon as the greatest thing to happen for years in his chosen career... and lives in eternal hope that sooner or later he will be in the privileged position of breaking even on his film projects.

Richard has committed himself to making the most of what precious time & opportunity remains before there are no more veterans left who can impart their unique memories and experiences, in order that future generations may stand a better chance of not repeating the mistakes and follies of those fateful years of war.