Our Missions

Our first focus is on David L. Teacher, MBE. David was part of an RAF ground support crew that was first onto Juno beach on D-Day – and then stayed there for 3 months, sleeping under their vehicles every night, being shelled, bombed and shot at every day. We are returning David as a 93 years young (!) veteran to the very spot he spent those 3 months on during WW2, along with the vehicle (a 3-tonne Bedford QL) he was in charge of.

He will be visiting a variety of places throughout 2017 in order that he can pay his respects, in the pursuit of remembrance, in the interests of education and awareness – and we will be there filming him throughout. He was not only at D-Day but also the Battle of the Bulge and experienced first-hand the horrors of Buchenwald and the liberation of the Netherlands. Our aim is to not only produce a documentary but to interview as many veterans as possible and create an online archive that is accessible to all, that will tell their stories and help many future generations understand exactly what it was that those men gifted to so many on that fateful day.

We are also intending to return David to Bastogne where he spent that cruel winter of 1944, as part of the Allied Expeditionary Forces who took part in the Battle of the Bulge. Unfortunately, he only had his summer kit in temperatures of almost -20 degrees and, like all the allied troops there, suffered greatly over Christmas '44 without knowing what 1945 would bring.