Returning To Normandy in 2017

Last Of The Few Photo

In June 2017 we are following David Teacher M.B.E., who will be making the journey for possibly the final time for what promises to be a very emotional and insightful journey. David is a double-amputee wheelchair-based volunteer at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester (UK) where he meets school children and adults alike for oral discussions about his experiences during the war. For this trip we have organised a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for David as we are returning not only with him but also with the Bedford QL truck he used to land on Juno beach when he was first off the assault landing craft.

Juno Beach

David spent 3 months on the beach, sleeping in slit-trenches or under his truck, being bombed every day whilst organising ground support for the RAF. He also spent winter '44 in Bastogne for the Battle of the Bulge, one of the toughest battles in WW2. This will be a powerful experience as David leaves his legacy for future generations who will all have access to the film, as he hopes to reach them with his perspectives of the both the positive and negative impact that war had on his life. To press, we have permission from the Juno authorities for David to drive the truck on Juno beach which is normally closed but for which exception has been made due to the rarity of the occasion.