Richard Alexander, with 21 years experience in film & TV, first encountered David Teacher in July 2016 at a WW2 re-enactment in Yorkshire, England (The Yorkshire Wartime Experience - an awesome show!!). After an initial interview with David for local news, Richard committed to documenting David's attempt to fund himself to get back to Normandy in June 2017 and helping David realise his ambitions before the inevitable ageing process renders it impossible. They have worked tirelessly with many other volunteers over the last 12 months and through charitable donations they raised enough to return David to D-Day - but still need the assistance of other third parties to help with other remaining aim, like sending David to Canada to meet up with surviving Canadian veterans of Juno beach where David landed and lived for 3 months!

So far, since the autumn of 2016 when he decided to document on film David's attempt to go back to Juno, Richard has felt overwhelmed by other people's generosity and their willingness to invest their time & energy in order to raise funds for the same reason. David tirelessy visits IWM North virtually every week as an unpaid volunteer where he interacts, educating first-hand, visitors to this fabulous museum in Manchester) but even at his advanced age he still finds the energy to go out and raise funds as well!

So week in, week out David is ably assisted by volunteers as they journey to events large and small to raise awareness and funds; most of the latter coming purely from sales of his self-published book. We are still looking for funding as we are several thousands short of the required amount to take him back to Canada. As such, we would love to welcome all commercial partners, corporate sponsors and charitable donations.