There is a BIG problem with TV in the 21st century; it is in danger of losing sight of the real-life stories as it pursues only big-brand associations, or celebrity endorsements, or fabricated reality shows where the audience is led to believe that what is happening on-screen is real - but in reality the players are being directed from behind the cameras, to play out scenarios that will generate fake jeopardy and keep suppine viewers coming back for more 'drama...

Here at Last of the Few we believe that exceptional stories like those of David and his surviving contemporaries are stories that should be told verbatim. Their experiences were remarkable, the times were tumultuous, the emotions genuine. When young people (and many older ones too) meet him they are stimulated, humbled, interested and full of questions. But time is now of the absolute essence when it comes to making the most of that access. Which is why we're recording as many interviews as we can with these unique people, before we no longer have the privileged access that we have right now.

The project was presented to broadcasters and potential development partners at MIPTV in Cannes (April 2017) - with a very positive reaction generally across the board. There are a number of aims: help raise more funds for filming; to instigate co-production arrangements with production partners in relevant territories such as The Netherlands, Canada, USA, Israel; to expand the scope in order that the project can be disseminated to as large an audience as possible.

Having just returned from an incredible successful and emotional trip to Normandy, Richard is now frantically working away to assemble the rushes into a short trailer for the upcoming self-funded documentary. Watch this space!!!